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The Chance to Clear Out Tax Debts and Stop Liens

Owing money to the IRS is perhaps one of the more daunting and frightening debts you can have. Liens or garnishments of your wages create maximum stress levels for those already dealing with severe financial problems. You do have options against a powerful government entity. Those options can include a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 filing.

Negotiating with the IRS regarding delinquent taxes on your own will likely not produce the results you truly need. Let us advocate for you and assert your rights to a debt discharge or reorganization. At the Hammond area law firm of bankruptcy attorney Jon D. Beaty, we strive to even the odds against you.

Regardless of what the IRS claims, you do have the option of wiping out tax burdens rife with high interest rates, penalties and other fees. For help, contact our law office today! Free initial consultations are available upon request. Payment plans are available!

The Chance to Discharge and Renegotiate Your Delinquent Tax Burden

If returns were filed, personal income taxes that are three years old or longer may be discharged in a bankruptcy. More recent tax obligations can be handled in a Chapter 13. That action can stop penalties and reduce interest rates. Filing for Chapter 13 can essentially bring the IRS to the table to negotiate a repayment plan.

At the law office of Jon D. Beaty, we also help Indiana residents who are behind on their property taxes through a Chapter 13 filing. In addition, clients dealing with liens against their property for any type of tax delinquency may be able to have those removed through a debt reorganization plan.

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